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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Numbers don't matter to Keith Benson

As long as Oakland keeps winning, center Keith Benson doesn't care if he scores 25 points each night as long as the Golden Grizzlies are winning, coach Greg Kampe said after Saturday's win over Western Illinois.

“It's not about numbers in the draft, they want to know if you can win," Kampe said. "He's bought into that and that's all he cares about. Our record and where we go and what we do will be a determining factor for him (in the draft).”
Kampe cited the case of Butler swingman Gordon Hayward, who departed for the NBA following his sophomore year. It was a season in which he led the Cinderella Bulldogs to the NCAA tournament championship game, where they came perilously (for Duke) close to making a last-second 3-pointer to win the game.

Kampe said the added exposure from the Bulldogs' run helped Hayward land at No. 9 with the Utah Jazz.

That doesn't mean Benson won't be contributing, but his name may come over the PA at the O'rena less and less, and as teams continue to double- and triple-team him, shooters like Reggie Hamilton and Travis Bader are going to get a lot of time on the mic.


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