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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Candid Kampe chat

Grizzlies coach Greg Kampe took time to do a live chat with fans Tuesday afternoon. Here are some of the highlights:

Q: Coach, what scares you the most about Texas?

Kampe: “Their offensive rebounding ability. Once they shoot the ball it's more like a pass at the basket and you see 50 arms above the rim trying to dunk it.”

Q: Do you think you got the short end of the stick with having to play Texas? (many thought they should have been a 2 or 3 seed).

Kampe: “Honestly, yes.”

Q: What's Coach K's thoughts on the Summit in general, and would OU ever consider moving to a more competitive league?

Kampe: “I think that the league has gotten better with the addition of the Dakota teams, and the loss of Centenary and Southern Utah. I think RPI-wise, we'll be much better as a conference next year and we'll go from having 3 really good teams every year, to 6 or 7 that are always competitive. Would we leave? We would do anything to improve the reputation of OU.”

On next year’s schedule:

Kampe: “We will try to play every big boy that will play us. It is important to keep U-M and MSU on the schedule. I'm not sure I can do that but I'll be trying. Next year's schedule is still a work in progress, but we have Tennessee at home and U-M at The Palace, and we are at Arkansas and at Houston. The rest is still up in the air.”

Q: (Who do you see in the NCAA Championship game?)

Kampe:“I think Ohio State will play Kansas for the national title, I just don't see anyone beating those two teams.”

Q: You recently discussed the idea of trying to get money for an O'Rena renovation. Would that mainly involve practice facilities and offices, or would additional seating be added? And could we do something to make the entrance to the O'Rena more impressive?

Kampe: “There's been conversations about all of that stuff, and the administration wants to take a serious look at what it would take to accomplish everything that we want to do. It's going to take time but I believe that this will become a priority at OU.”

Q: You have had opportunities to move on and up from Oakland. Why do you stay?

Kampe: “I feel extremely lucky to have the job I have. How would I recruit players to come to what I believe is the best school in Michigan if I am looking to leave?”


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