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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The crowd loves Greg Kampe

TULSA, Okla. - When you're around Greg Kampe, maybe you take his media savvy personality for granted. The media sequestered at the BOK Center at Thursday's press conference were like children gathered around the fireplace to hear their family elder read a story on Christmas Eve.
So it was only fitting Kampe dropped the "My dog always answers the door even though it's never for him" story on those in attendance. A well-used anecdote to describe forward Will Hudson's rebounding prowess became a tale to describe Texas freshman Tristan Thompson's freakish ability on the boards.
"I guess it's another compliment that I'm aggressive on the glass," Thompson said. "I like the story, but yeah, you've got to be aggressive on the glass to give your team opportunities to get second-chance points."
Thompson is the Longhorns' leading rebounder, averaging 7.8 per game.
The story even made a to-do in the Houston media. The Final Four will be in city best known for Hakeem Olajuwon and NASA Mission Control April 2-4.
The follow-up question for Kampe, which occured prior to the Texas press conference more than an hour later, inquired as to what Kampe's dog's name was. It's "G." The name came from his middle son, Branch. We also learned that his dog is a soft-haired Wheaten Terrier. Kampe concluded the interview by asking when was the last time an NCAA press conference devolved into such questions.
"Holy cow. I'm not sure that's good," he said laughing.
Yep, he certainly had them eating out of his hands, much like a dog.


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