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Drew Ellis covers Oakland University basketball for The Oakland Press. His news and notes keep you up to date with Golden Grizzlies men's basketball.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Making the crowd OK for OU

When Oakland played Pittsburgh in Milwaukee for the first round of last year's NCAA tournament, every Oakland seat was accounted for. Although there is a contingent of students taking a bus to Tulsa, Okla., the odds of an Oakland sellout aren't as likely due to the lengthy distance. There remains a way for the Golden Grizzlies to claim the audience, however.

“There's going to be Arizona and Memphis people there,” Grizzlies coach Greg Kampe said. “If we can get out and get a lead, all those people from Arizona and Memphis are going to start cheering for the Grizzlies.”

The Wildcats and Tigers battle in the 5-12 matchup immediately following Oakland's tip. The strategy plays off fans' collective disdain for the Longhorns.

“Nobody down there likes Texas. Plus, they would all think it's easier to beat us than it is to beat Texas.”

It'll be interesting to hear what the crowd sounds like Friday at the BOK Center.


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