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Thursday, December 8, 2011

'Zero' chance Oakland pairs with Detroit in ESPN's Bracketbusters

The Summit League, to Oakland coach Greg Kampe’s dismay, is participating in ESPN’s Bracketbusters series this season. The defending conference champions are scheduled to be a road team in their matchup Feb. 18. The Grizzlies’ opponent will not be known until Jan. 30, however.
The minds of fans and the media collectively wandered, supposing the four-letter network pairs Oakland with Detroit, two area schools everyone wants to see, in a game that would likely be a regional ratings bonanza and a cash cow at the box office.
Apparently, Oakland coach Greg Kampe has already spoken with ESPN, telling the network Oakland will not play at Detroit, because the Titans still owe Oakland a return visit to the O’rena. 
In fact, Kampe said there’s “zero” percent chance the two meet.
“We said we won’t play them if it’s a BracketBuster,” Kampe told Matt Pocket and Bryan Everson on “The Greg Kampe Show" Tuesday. “We’re not playing them there. They owe us a game. They can come here and play us and everything will be all nice again, but until (then) it’s not going to happen.
“We just said if they pair us up with Detroit, we’re not going.” 
The programs met for three consecutive seasons from 2000-03, with Detroit taking two of those three, with both wins coming on its home floor. The Oakland losses came by 16- and 21-point margins. Oakland's win at the O'rena Dec. 6, 2001, was a 26-point blowout.   
I jokingly came up with some other spots they could play the game, but they weren’t serious (Aboard the Boblo Boat, Cobo roof), but I wonder if the game will eventually get shifted to a neutral site, like even The Palace. But with the remodeling of Cobo Center, I wonder if it’s possible to put a basketball court in there. Whenever, wherever it is, I’m sure fans will show up. 
WXOU - The Greg Kampe Show Dec. 6, 2011 by paulkampe


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