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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greg Kampe joining ranks of the ‘Lin’sane

Count Oakland coach Greg Kampe among those caught in the phenomenon that is the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin.
“It’s amazing,” Kampe said. “It’s cool. It makes people realize anything can happen and to never give up. It shows there are great athletes out there who just need a chance. So many times, if you don’t get the chance, there’s people out there who could’ve been super, superstars, but never got the opportunity. He could’ve been one of them.”
Does the scenario sound familiar? It should to Oakland fans who have watched two such players in recent years.
“(Keith) Benson is a great case of that and Pierre Dukes is a great case of that,” Kampe pointed out.
Legions of Oakland fans may know Dukes just from his poster outside the O’rena earned after he hit a last-second 3 in the 2005 Mid-Con tourney title game to send the Golden Grizzlies to their first NCAA tournament. 

“(Dukes) wasn’t even going to be on the team and we got ourselves in a bit of trouble and had low numbers. He had actually given up his scholarship and was just going to be a student and I said to him ‘why don’t you just practice with us?’
“Now he has the greatest play in school history.”


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