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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Failed lob attempt to Tommie McCune vs. Eastern Michigan

Oakland had a good out-of-bounds play drawn up 1.3 seconds remaining regulation Saturday against Eastern Michigan: Duke Mondy lobs the ball to athletic forward Tommie McCune and McCune tips or dunks the ball in or gets to the free-throw line.
Part of that plan worked. McCune did get the ball, and appeared to draw the contact to earn the potentially game-clinching trip to the free-throw line with the game tied 70-70 with less than a second remaining. The officials, however, saw the play differently, saying McCune pushed off his defender to gain the advantage needed.

Oakland coach Greg Kampe had a similar vantage point and was in no hurry to blame the officials, who had whistled the Golden Grizzlies for six fouls in the final three minutes of the game.
“From where I was, I couldn’t see it," Kampe said. "All I could see was Tommie come down with the ball and I heard the whistle and I thought we were going to shoot free throws. I’d have to see the play. The referee felt there was a push-off and an advantage gained.”  
Kampe did note the officiating in his opening postgame remarks, however, as the Golden Grizzlies were whistled for 16 fouls in the final 25 minutes of the game after being called for just three in the first half.
"We had three offensive fouls called on us in the last couple minutes and we were still able to survive that. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that before at home," he said. 
“That was an unusual thing to happen and we were able to overcome it. I felt pretty good about overtime.” 
The Golden Grizzlies were without Dante Williams for the extra session, however, as the day's second-leading scorer fouled after acquiring his fourth and fifth fouls in the final 2:59 of regulation. 

... Attendance was a little bit higher for Saturday's showdown, 1,507, but not as high as Kampe would like: “It’s better, but it’s not anywhere near where it should be. We’re 3-10 … (but) that was a heck of a college basketball game to miss. Two really good teams playing really good basketball, punching each other and getting up off the ground making plays. There was a lot of athleticism.” 
Kampe said he already has a verbal agreement in place to continue the series, which resumed last season after three-year hiatus. Each of the past two meetings have come down to the final possession. ... Kampe said starter Tommie McCune was having an off-day, while Williams was having a very good day, leading to McCune's reduced minutes. “He went down and battled on defense. He did some good things. He is what he is. He’s a transfer playing in his first year. He’s going to have ups and downs like all kids."


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